Class: ECHO.Members.MemberObject

Defined in: src/
Inherits: ECHODataObject


An ECHO.Members.MemberObject is a particular member object. メンバーオブジェクト。

Variables Summary

Variable inherited from ECHODataObject

instanceId resourceType refid

Instance Method Summary

Inherited Method Summary

Methods inherited from ECHODataObject

.factory #fetch #push #delete #get #put #getACL #setNewACL #_copyData #_convertContentsInCopyData #_buildRequestContents #_convertContentsInBuildRequest #getRequestUrl

Constructor Details

# (void) constructor(instanceId, refid = null, data = null)

Constructs a new ECHO.Members.MemberObject. 新しいメンバー、もしくは既存のメンバーとして、オブジェクトを生成します。


  • instanceId ( String ) the reference ID of the instance to which this object has belonged既存メンバーが所属するメンバーインスタンスのID
  • refid ( String ) the reference ID of the existing one既存メンバーのID
  • data ( Object ) a source object to copy

Instance Method Details

# (void) _copyData(data) Private

Copies data from an object.


  • data ( Object ) the source object

# (Object) _buildRequestContents() Private

Builds a request contents object.



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