Class: ECHOTreeMap

Defined in: src/
Inherits: ECHOObject


An ECHOTreeMap is an abstract recursive tree map. Particular tree maps are implemented based on this class.

Direct Known Subclasses

ECHO.ContentsCategoriesMap ECHO.Members.GroupsMap

Property Summary

(? extends ECHODataObject) node
this node object
(Array<? extends ECHODataObject>) children
lower sub tree maps belonging to this node

Variables Summary

Variable inherited from ECHOObject

instanceId resourceType refid

Instance Method Summary

Inherited Method Summary

Methods inherited from ECHOObject


Constructor Details

# (void) constructor(instanceId, resourceType, refid = null, data = null)

Constructs a new ECHOTreeMap.


  • instanceId ( string ) the reference ID of the instance to which the tree map has belonged
  • resourceType ( string ) the type of this object
  • refid ( string ) the reference ID of the root node of the existing sub one
  • data ( Object )

Instance Method Details

# (ECHO.Promise) fetch()

Does Fetch data from the remote server in a background thread.


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